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A sense of progress, purpose, and belonging is crucial to mitigate burnout and promote a healthy work environment for all employees

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I vividly remember the day I read about Arianna Huffington, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global. She had collapsed from sleep deprivation and exhaustion, hit her head on the corner of her desk, broke her cheekbone, and woke up in a pool of blood. I read the story many…

Because you get out what you put in

A graphic showing a series of questions to ask when managing a high performer, and a quotation “Talent is the multiplier.”
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High performers in any organisation aren’t easy to manage. With their uncanny ability to produce outstanding work and an appetite to solve tough problems, they demand even greater attention and engagement from their managers.

And these managers are so busy putting out fires, attending meetings, convincing stakeholders, and solving poor…

And what to do instead

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Do you feel exhausted, even frustrated, from working hard, putting in extra hours, sometimes even on weekends and late nights trying to catch up on work, but not being able to make progress on your own goals?

Is it the demands of the workplace that’s eating up into your time…

How to make better decisions

graphic showing four symptoms of decision fatigue
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As we get down to work, our mind is flooded with thoughts — should I respond to that email I got last night or a message from my boss, how about a cup of coffee, why not start the project I have been avoiding this entire week or maybe just…

Maintaining focus in a distracting world

graphic of boy with cloud of distractions over his head and a quote from book on maintaining focus
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In a world that’s designed for interruptions, we are all vulnerable to distractions.

The sense of accomplishment that comes from producing great work rewards and energises us to strive for more, be better at our tasks, and generate higher quality output.

We have all the necessary information, the right tools…

Get over nonsense and start putting some sense into your work

Too many meetings? Schedule says “busy” every day
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Too many meetings. I had said those three words way too many times that month. Sometimes as a fleeting comment to myself. Other times in the form of self-pity as this excessive, self-absorbed unhappiness over the current state of my work.

Instead of shouting at the top of my lungs…

#5 — Don’t get impatient with their impatience

Working with a dominant personality is not fun, but sometimes avoiding them is not an option either. Their authoritative behavior combined with a body language that reeks of dominance can be quite upsetting, more so when it’s your boss or someone who plays a significant role in controlling your success at work. When you can’t avoid or quit, what should you do? Learn to work with them
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It was a Friday morning and I was quite enthusiastic about the opportunity to present my ideas in front of a large group of people. The meeting started on a good note, but within just a few minutes, I was no longer leading the conversation. …

3. Do you stop trying when you fail or do you fail because you stop trying?

Expectation — a bunch of black balls. success 100%. Reality a bunch of white balls. failure 90%
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Many articles, books, podcasts, and videos these days convey the importance of failure in shaping our future. It’s hard to disagree that success doesn’t come easy. Anyone attempting to climb a mountain will face a fair share of surprises along the way, some good but mostly bad.

The person who…

Yet it isn’t the result of brazen persistence. It’s what we earn with learning, insight, and generosity

Chart with two axes: results on right side, challenge at the bottom. Curve going up labeled winners. Curve going across, labeled whiners. In between these two is plan of action and excuses to quit.
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As a small girl, my daughter Myra, now eight years old, would often come to me saying:

I can’t skate down the slopes.

I can’t do this dance move.

I can’t fix this toy car.

All along, I simply asked her to complete the sentence with “yet.”

I can’t skate…

Cross the boundary of your comfort zone to think about an idea to its extreme without mental guardrails to put it down

Strategic thinking is less about innovation and more about the ability to make the right connections. Different ways include crafting and communicating, putting it into action, observing, interacting, and drawing connections, then challenging and questioning assumptions.

Strategic thinking is such a critical skill in life, and yet a lot of us hear about it for the first time in our lives through our managers “You are great at execution, but you need to start thinking strategically.”

Now a corporate mumbo jumbo, strategic thinking wasn’t a popular…


Author: Upgrade Your Mindset. Scaling products → Scaling thinking (⊙_⊙) Former AVP Engineering, Swiggy. I write about work, progress and success.

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